Cigarette Coupons!


Yes we have coupons for you. At the moment we have a coupon code which works with any or every brand. Simply put make any type of purchase from us and enter the coupon code bellow and you will get a discount. We understand that smoking isn’t the cheapest vice so why not help you save some money if you are choosing us anyway?


Currently we have one size fits all coupon. So if you are looking for: Marlboro coupons, Camel coupons, Pall Mall coupons, BN Coupons, Newport Coupons, Regal coupons we have them at your disposal. Also this coupon what we are offering works with the rest of the 51 other brands as well.


What you have to do is click any link on this site, place your order, doesn’t really matter how much you are purchasing, let it be 36$ or 460$ and enter the code provided on this page and you will get a discount immediately. This coupon code is periodically updated so make sure you check back every time you want to buy a new pack / carton of cigarettes.


What other online stores do is they offer cigarette coupons only for major brands. If you are not smoking on of them you won’t be able to enjoy discounted cigarettes. Also they might only offer coupons which will be active you are buying at almost wholesale levels. Typical smokers won’t necessarily buy a lifetime of supply of cigarettes because they either don’t have the money for it or they are planning to quit.



We don’t discriminate! We offer coupons for each and every cigarette that you purchase from us. No you don’t have to purchase for thousands and thousands of dollars so you can be eligible for the coupon. Also we’re not tricking you to do anything for the coupon, as you can see many people give you the coupon code after you have liked them or did something for them first. Well that’s not correct and we don’t practice that over here. Buy with confidence from us and we assure you that the coupons will work every time you type them in.


One final thing, we will give you the discount at any amount that you purchase from us. Yes if you are placing a bigger order than we will give you a bigger discount but without reaching that amount you can still enjoy the coupon.


In other words if you are placing an order up to 399$ then you will get a 3% discount. And if you are purchasing larger quantities as in above 400$ then you will get a 5% discount. You won’t see these anywhere else so buy your smokes today from us.