Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online!

Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online

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Buy the Cheapest Cigarettes Online!



Do you want to buy cheap cigarettes online? Then you have found the perfect place. We all know that governments are adding bigger and bigger taxes on tobacco products. They think that we will quit if the price is big enough. It might work a on a few but not on the rest of the people. We would much likely to give up something else then give up our cigarettes. If the prices go any higher it will even rival pure gold’s pricing.

Just like my friends I’ve made a pact if the cigarettes reach X amount then we will give it up for good. Well that price range came and past but I still haven’t given it up. This is my vice and I’m sticking to it. So what are the ways for getting cheap cigarettes? Well there’s always the option of the friend of a friend who smuggles some in from time to time. But you never ask about the quality and the filters that they are using. Plus this is highly illegal and you can get in trouble if you are caught purchasing.

What about buying online cigarettes? From my experience that’s the best way to get duty free cigarettes. Just like us the online companies handle tobacco purchases internationally. This means that they aren’t any VAT and other fancy taxes involved. Plus if you purchase from us we will let go the shipping fees as well.

How can you offer such a big discount on cigarettes? It’s quite easy actually we are undercutting every retailer with our prices because we are buying wholesale plus because we’re an international company we don’t have to worry about VAT and other taxes. Thus you won’t be forced to pay them as well. This is how you can get all your favorite brands at an amazingly low price.

This is our mottocheap cigarettes free shipping”.

In case you were wondering if this is legal, the answer is yes. As a disclaimer there are certain countries or states where you have to pay duty tax after a certain amount of product ordered. You have two choices, one you either pay that tax and still get it cheaper than your local store. Or you can ask them to return to the sender and you will be fully refunded without any questions asked.

Another disclaimer that you should know is that we only sell tobacco products for those who are 18-21 years old (depending on the country / state). We are upholding the law. And if you are bellow this age rate we can’t help you.

All in all by purchasing from us you will be getting your favorite cigarette brands at a discounted price.  The shipping and handling is also on our tab. All you have to do is select your favorite cigarette brand, purchase the amount you wish and sign for the order when the mailman rings at your door. It is simple as that.

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This is why it’s a great idea to buy cigarettes online, no hassle, low prices and discrete delivery.